Compile one pdf file from several InkScape svg files

This is a short recipe describing the process of creating one large multi-page pdf file from a bunch of InkScape SVG filles. I use it to compile presentations where each page is initially created as svg. The whole procedure also helps to reduce the pdf file size and fasten the pdf rendering.

UPD[20_oct_2012]: You can also take a look on svgslides. I haven’t tried to use it but it is worth to be mentioned.

Some data on versions of used products to be consistent:

  1. InkScape
    $ inkscape --version
    Inkscape 0.48.1 r9760 (Mar 22 2011)
  2. PDF Split and Merge (pdfsam)
    pdfsam 1.1.4
  3. Adobe Reader
    $ acroread -version

The basic steps look like the following:

  1.  Make all the presentation slides in InkScape
  2. Filenames should be nicely written (1-2-3…), which assumes nice ordering
  3. Run the script to convert all svg-files into pdf
  4. Run pdfsam, include all the needed files
    *In case of pdfsam fail scan the correspondend .svg file and look for extremely complex figures – probably, you have to remove them
  5. Compile all pdfs into one big file
  6. Open it with Abode Reader
  7. Print it into the .ps file
  8. Run “ps2pdf” and create new large pdf file
    * i haven’t tried to use ps2pdf13 or ps2pdf14
  9. Open it and enjoy the speed and the quality 🙂

(c) mak

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