Seminar: Parameter Estimation for Markov Models – SS13

Seminar: Parameter Estimation for Markov Models
Instructor: Prof. Dr. Verena Wolf
Tutors: Linar Mikeev, Alexander Andreychenko, David Spieler, Thilo Krüger, Werner Sandmann

Schedule: 6.6.2013 + 7.6.2013

Location: seminar rooms 528 and 328 in E13 (we start in 528 at 9 am).

Registration: closed

Credits: 7 ECTS points

The seminar focuses on parameter estimation techniques for Markov models.

The seminar is designed for students of computer science or bioinformatics. Basic knowledge about Markov models is helpful for a successful participation. Therefore, during the registration procedure participants of the lecture Modeling and Simulation (WS2012/3) are treated preferably. The language of the seminar is English (presentation and write-up).

Requirements for successful participation (“Schein”)
Every participant will give a presentation of 30 to 45 min about one of the topic listed below. Participants that give presentations of very low quality have to repeat their presentation to get a “Schein”.

Every participant has to submit a write-up about the corresponding topic. The write-up should be at least 5 pages and submitted electronically as pdf-file.
Please hand in your write-up until September 30 2013.

Paper reading: Each participant has to be the “opponent” for at least two speakers, i.e., she/he has to read the related paper(s) in advance and prepare questions for the speaker.

Participants must meet with the organizers of the seminar to

  • get advice for introductory reading
  • discuss the assigned paper until 8.5.2013
  • present their slides until 22.5.2013