Lecture: Energy Informatics – WS13/14

Instructors: Prof. Holger Hermanns, Prof. Verena Wolf

News: Final lecture of Gilney Damm will be moved to the 12th (time: 10:15). Participants may submit as many write-ups as they want to.

Some constraints related to the write-ups:  number of words should be at most 2000.

Schedule: Wednesday 14:15 – 15.45 (first lecture on 16.10.2013), Building E1 3 – HS 002
Credits: 4 ECTS points (advanced lecture)

This course is about the application and adaption of the large body of achievements in Informatics for addressing current and future challenges in the Energy Domain. Our prime intention is to look into the informatics challenges usually safely hidden behind en-vogue buzzwords like Green IT and Smart Grid.

Certification Conditions:
A large part of the course is based on invited lecture of specialists of the field. In addition, a number of lectures covering basic skills will be given by Prof. Hermanns and Prof. Wolf.  The participants are supposed to make write-ups of at least 8 of the presentations in which they work out the details of the presented material (minimum is summary of the presentation). The write-ups will be graded with 3 (very good), 2 (ok-ish),  1 (just summary), or 0 (not even a good summary) points, where team-work is not allowed. With 8 points a participant has successfully passed the course (4.0) while everything equal to or above 26 points yields a 1.0.
Please submit write-ups through the course management system.


16.10.2013 Organisation and Overview (HH)
23.10.2013 IL by Gilney Damm, SUPELEC, France: Power Grid Blackouts – Reasons and Countermeasures

30.10.2013 Discrete Event Simulation (VW)
06.11.2013 Power Grid Reliability (HH)
13.11.2013 IL by Holger Wiechman, EnBW AG, Stuttgart (in German)
20.11.2013 IL by Reinhard German, Univ. Erlangen: Hybrid Simulation of Smart Energy Systems

29.11.2013 (a Friday!) cancelled
04.12.2013 Parameter estimation (VW)
11.12.2013 IL by Martin Sachenbacher, TU Munich Modeling and Computational Challenges in Electromobility

18.12.2013 IL by Wolfgang Wahlster, DFKI and Saarland Univ.
08.01.2014 IL by Hartmut Schmeck, Univ. Karlsruhe
15.01.2014 IL by Hermann de Meer, Univ. Passau
22.01.2014 IL by Sebastian Lehnhoff, Univ. Oldenburg
29.01.2014 IL by Oliver Raabe, Univ. Karlsruhe (in German)
12.02.2014 IL by Gilney Damm, SUPELEC, France

abbr.: HH – Holger Hermanns, VW – Verena Wolf, IL – invited lecture