Charalampos Kyriakopoulos

Dipl. Ing. Computer Science

Saarland University,

Campus E1 3, Room 326

66123 Saarbrücken


Phone: +49 (0)681 302-5478

Fax:  +49 (0)681 302-5636

E-Mail: charis (-at-)


I am a PhD student at the group of Modelling and Simulation since the beginning of 2014.



  • C. Kyriakopoulos, V. Wolf: Optimal Observation Time Points in Stochastic Chemical Kinetics, HSB’, 2014
  • P. Giehr, C. Kyriakopoulos, G. Fisz, V. Wolf, J. Walter: The Influence of Hydroxylation on Maintaining CpG Methylation Patterns: a HMM approach, PLOS Computational Biology, 2016
  • M. A. Eckersley-Maslin, V. Svensson, C. Krueger, T. Stubbs, P. Giehr, F. Krueger, R. Miragaia, C. Kyriakopoulos, R. Berrens, I. Milagre, J. Walter, S. Teichmann, W. Reik:
    MERVL/Zscan4 Network Activation Results in Transient Genome-wide DNA Demethylation of mESCs
    , Cell Reports, 2016
  • C. Kyriakopoulos, P. Giehr, V. Wolf: H(O)TA: estimation of DNA methylation and hydroxylation levels and efficiencies from time course data, Bioinformatics, 2017
  • C. Kyriakopoulos, G. Grossmann, V. Wolf, L. Bortolussi: Lumping of Degree-Based Mean Field and Pair Approximation Equations for Multistate Contact Processes
    , Physical Review E, 2018
  • G. Grossman, C. Kyriakopoulos, L. Bortolussi, V. Wolf: Lumping the Approximate Master Equation for Multistate Processes in Complex Networks
    , (under review)
  • P. Giehr, C. Kyriakopoulos, K. Lepikhov, S. Walner, V. Wolf, J. Walter
    Two are better than one: HPoxBS – Hairpin oxidative Bisulfite Sequencing
    , (under review)



Teaching Assistance

Other Work

    I have reviewed manuscripts for ASMTA 2016, CAV 2017, CMSB 2014, CMSB 2015, CMSB 2016, HSB 2015, HSCC 2016, QEST 2014, QEST 2016, ROCKS 2014 and Bioinformatics Journal.

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