Doctoral Privatissimum: Basics of Scientific Writing and Presenting – SS16


This course is a doctoral privatissimum, a new type of intensive course for students in the Graduate School of Computer Science. The number of students is limited to 6.


The goal of this course is to improve a number of skills useful for (future) PhD Students in Computer Science. In particular, we will discuss how to write good research papers, how to give good research talks and how to write a referee report. The participants will practise their skills by writing and presenting their favourite research problems.

Overview of the course

  • (‘Theoretical part’) In the first seven weeks the following topics will be covered:
    •  22.04.16: “Hints for bad career moves in academia” (based on slides/video by David A. Patterson)
    • 29.04.16: “How to give a good research talk” (based on slides by  Simon Peyton Jones and paper by Ian Parberry)
    • 06.05.16: “Basics of research paper writing and publishing” by
      Michael Derntl and “Writing Scientific Papers” by Antoni Martínez Ballesté
    • 13.05.16:  “Scientific Writing for Computer Science Students” by Wilhelmiina Hämäläinen
    • 20.05.16 and 27.05.16: no meeting
    • 03.06.16:  “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White and “Writing Mathematical Papers in English – a practical guide” by Jerzy Trzeciak
    • 10.06.16: “How to write a good referee report” (based on a paper by  Ian Parberry)
    • (Searching, reading and referring literature based on a paper by Wilhelmiina Hämäläinen)
  • (‘Practical part’) In the remaining five weeks, each participant will give a short talk and write a short research paper.

Further Details

  • 6 ECTS points
  • Where? Room 328 in E 13
  • When? Every Fridayat 10:15 (starting from 22.04.2016 but not on May 20 and 27)
  • Grading: privatissima are ungraded; for successful participation not more than two theoretical meetings should be missed and in the practical part a presentation must be given and a write-up must be submitted
  • Instructor: Prof. Dr. V. Wolf
  • Registration: please send an email to verena.wolf[äät]