Lecture: Modelling and Simulation – WS16/17

LecturerProf. Verena Wolf
Assistant: Charalampos Kyriakopoulos, Alexander Lück, Michael Backenköhler


  • Please sign up for the course in our CMS system.
  • Time and location for the tutorial fixed: Thursday 14-16 in E1 3, Room 016


Wednesday 12:25 – 14:00 (lecture), Building E1 3, Room HS001
Friday 10:00 – 11:35 (lecture),  Building E1 3, Room HS001

Thursday 14:00 – 16:00 (tutorial), Building E1 3, Seminar Room 016

Credits: 9 ECTS points, advanced lecture

The course aims at giving the participants knowledge of the basic concepts in the area of modelling and simulation. The course will focus on modelling and simulation of real-world discrete event systems, that is, at discrete time instants events occur and change the state of the system. Examples of discrete events are customer arrivals at a queue of a service desk, biochemical reactions in a living cell, telephone calls in a call center, etc. Moreover, continuous models will be discussed and their usage in traffic modelling as well as  for the description of biochemical reaction networks.


    • Introduction
    • Differential equations and numerical simulation
    • Modelling languages: Petri Nets, Reaction rules, Guarded Commands
    • Introduction to Probabilities
    • Markov Chains in discrete and continuous time, and their simulation
    • Non-Markov models and Discrete Event Simulation
    • Statistical analysis of output
    • (Mean field models of dynamical networks)
    • (Advanced simulation techniques)

The course is open to students from computer science or bioinformatics interested in modelling and simulation. Mathematical skills and  basic programming skills in Matlab are of advantage but not mandatory.

Certification Conditions:
There will be two written exams (mid-term before Christmas). Their grades contribute equally to the final grade (“Schein”). Handing in or presentation of assignments will give a bonus for the final grade. An oral re-exam is possible which covers those parts of the lecture where a retake is desired.
Important: You have to register at the HISPOS system to participate in the exams (except for ERASMUS students).

Exam schedule:
Midterm: Fri, 16.12, 10:15 am

Endterm: Wed 15.02, 10:15 am,

Text Books:

  • Stochastic Petri nets: Modelling, Stability, Simulation. Peter Jay Haas, 2002.
  • Introduction to Discrete Event Systems. C. Cassandras and S. Lafortune, 2008.
  • Simulation Modelling and Analysis. Averill M. Law. Mcgraw-Hill, 2006. [in the ibrary: OG floor, code is LAW a3 2007:1 1.Ex]
  • Discrete-Event Simulation. J. Banks, J. Carson, B. Nelson, D. Nicol. Prentice Hall, 2000.
  • Simulation. Sheldon M. Ross. Elsevier, 2006.
  • Performance of Computer Communication Systems: A Model-Based Approach: A Model Based Approach to Performance Evaluation. Boudewijn R. Haverkort. Wiley, 1998.
  • INTRODUCTION TO PROBABILITY. C. Grinstead and L. Snell