Alexander Andreychenko


I am a PhD student at the MOSI group since September 2011.

Research Interests

  • Efficient methods of solving Chemical Master Equation (CME)
  • Moment closure techniques (standard, conditional/hybrid)
  • Sensitivity analysis and parameter estimation of biochemical systems
  • Uniformization for Markov chains (time-homogeneous and inhomogeneous)
  • Maximum entropy method for reconstruction probability distributions


  • A. Andreychenko, P. Crouzen, V. Wolf: On-the-fly Uniformization of Time-Inhomogeneous Infinite Markov Population Models QAPL’11. @arXiv, @rg
  • A. Andreychenko, L. Mikeev, D. Spieler, V. Wolf: Parameter Identification for Markov Models of Biochemical Reactions CAV’11
  • A. Andreychenko, L. Mikeev, D. Spieler, V. Wolf: Approximate Maximum Likelyhood Estimation for Stochastic Chemical Kinetics, WCSB’11 (large file!)
  • A. Andreychenko, L. Mikeev, D. Spieler, V. Wolf: Approximate maximum likelihood estimation for stochastic chemical kinetics Journal on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, Springer, 2012. Springer 2012
  • A. Andreychenko, T. Krüger, D. Spieler: Analyzing oscillatory behavior with formal methods ROCKS Autumn School Proceedings, LNCS, 2014.
  • A. Andreychenko, L. Mikeev, V. Wolf: Model Reconstruction for Moment-based Stochastic Chemical Kinetics ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation (ACM) (TOMACS-2014-0026.R1), 2014.
  • A. Andreychenko, L. Mikeev, V. Wolf: Reconstruction of Multimodal Distributions for Hybrid Moment-based Chemical Kinetics Journal of Coupled Systems and Multiscale Dynamics (JCSMD) (arXiv), 2015
  • A. Andreychenko, M. Magnin, K. Inoue Modeling of Resilience Properties in Oscillatory Biological Systems using Parametric Time Petri Nets CMSB, 2015.
  • A. Andreychenko, L. Bortolussi, R. Grima, P. Thomas and V. Wolf: Distribution approximations for the chemical master equation: comparison of the method of moments and the system size expansion BIOMS Workshop Modeling Cellular Systems (arXiv), 2016
  • A. Andreychenko, M. Magnin, K. Inoue Analyzing resilience properties in oscillatory biological systems using parametric model checking Biosystems, 2016
  • A. Andreychenko, W. Sandmann, V. Wolf: Approximate adaptive uniformization of continuous-time Markov chains Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2018


  • Lecture: Modeling and Simulation – SS10, Assistant
  • Seminar: Selected Stochastic Models – WS10/11, Assistant
  • Lecture: Data Networks – SS11, Assistant for a small part of the course
  • Seminar: Stochastic Simulation Techniques – WS11/12, Assistant
  • Lecture: Computational Systems Biology – SS12, Assistant
  • Lecture: Quantitative Model Checking (QMC) – SS12, Assistant
  • Lecture: Modeling and Simulation – WS12/13, Assistant
  • Lecture: Stochastic Dynamics in Systems Biology – WS13/14, Assistant
  • Lecture: Probabilistic Methods and Data Analysis – WS15/16, Assistant
  • Assisting (as a second assistant) the Master thesis of Maxat Aipanov
  • Assisting the Master thesis of Miriam Bah (completed in September 2015)


Reviews for: TACAS 2011, TACAS 2013, WSC 2012, YRCONCUR 2012, QEST 2012, MMB & DFT 2012, QEST 2010, CMSB 2011, CMSB 2012, TMS DEVS 2013, TOMCAS 2014, QEST 2015, FORMATS 2015, HSCC 2016, TACAS 2016