The LumPy toolset implements lumping for Pair-Approximation (PA) and Degree-Based Mean Field (DBMF) equations for contact processes on complex networks. It reduces the large number of ODEs given by the PA or DBMF equations by clustering them and solving instead just a single ODE per cluster. LumPy is written in Python 3 (requiring SciPy) and published under GPL v3 license. The tool takes as input the model’s description (i.e., the degree distribution, the contact and independent rules of the model, the time horizon, etc.) and outputs the lumped (or original) equations in the form of a separate python script. The user can specify an arbitrary number of nodes’ states and rules.


For more information about the underlying method, we refer the user to:

  • Kyriakopoulos et. al.: “Lumping of Degree Based Mean Field and Pair Approximation Equations for Multi-State Contact Processes”